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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Online traffic school

I found the $7.95 traffic school as internet fraud.  Do not get cheated out of  your hard earned money by false price advertised traffic schools. I went on and  investigation and found the following information. The 4 hour class is advertised as low as $7.50.  At check out for payment,  a charge of   $12.50 was added for a class certificate processing fee, a  $2.50 additional fee added for a state authorization form,  and  $4.95 additional fee for online class audio.  If you add this additional charges the actual price of the class would be $27.90 and not  $7.50 as  advertise. To avoid  a surprise at payment time take  the class with a reputable well known school will be  smart decision. For this I recommend  Certify Traffic School     in the following page.     The Best traffic school in Florida